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What Is Developer Pro Sandbox In Salesforce?

The Developer Pro sandbox in Salesforce is one of the sandboxes organizations can use from the software. The main purpose for this type is to handle more quality assurance and development tasks. The feature is also used for user training and integration testing. In Salesforce, operations performed in sandboxes are isolated from the production org.

 Required Salesforce Editions 

The Developer Pro Sandbox is available in the following editions: Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic,, Unlimited, Performance, Enterprise and Professional.

 User Permission

For viewing sandboxes, you need the “View and Setup Configuration” permission. The “Manage Sandbox” permission is required for creating, refreshing, activating and deleting a sandbox.

From Setup, go to the Quick Find box and enter Sandboxes. Here you can view your current sandboxes and also create new sandboxes.

 Other Types of Sandboxes in Salesforce 

Other types are Developer Sandbox, Partial Copy Sandbox and Full Sandbox. A Developer sandbox is used in testing and development in an isolated environment, while a Partial Copy sandbox is used for quality assurance matters integration testing and training of users. Use a Full sandbox if the task involved concerns with load testing, performance testing or staging.

 When to Choose Developer Pro Sandbox 

If you are choosing between Developer and Developer Pro, consider the amount of data you need to store. Developer Pro stores more data. It can also grab some data about the product from production. Use Developer Pro if these two things are important. Otherwise, the two types can be used interchangeably.

Developer Pro sandboxes can copy all of your origination’s reports, price books, dashboards, apps, products and customizations under Setup. These sandboxes cannot copy custom and standard object records, attachments and documents. Another advantage to consider Developer Pro is that it takes a shorter time for it to create or refresh a sandbox. You can refresh Developer Pro sandboxes once per day.

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