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What Is Drip Programs in Pardot

Sometimes, your leads aren’t just that ready to commit to sales actions. Or your leads might be anticipating something from you that needs to be given to them gently and continuously. To keep your leads engaged to your long-term marketing campaigns, you’d often have to send them several marketing emails at a specific time frame. And this is what Drip Programs in Salesforce Pardot does.

Drip Programs Defined

Drip Programs is a Pardot feature that lets you continuously communicate with your leads at a specified period of time. Drip Programs allow you to send a steady stream of evenly-spaced, time-frame bound marketing emails to your prospects group.

Drip Programs are also termed as Lead Nurturing Programs, implying the fact that the correspondence sent via this feature is meant to nurture your leads and keep them interested with whatever it is you have on your marketing plans.

An important note: Pardot Drip Programs cannot be seen in accounts created beyond June 21, 2016. A similar lead nurturing feature for these accounts is called Engagement Studio.

Why Use Drip Programs?

There are a number of reasons to utilize drip programs in your next marketing campaign:

  • If you’re looking for a great way to automate digital marketing for large numbers of prospects, then Drip Programs is for you. Automatically sending mass emails to prospects at your pre-set scheduled times saves you time and effort as opposed to sending them manually.
  • Drip Programs in Pardot allows you to freely define which prospects will be sent the drip emails and those who will not receive any. You simply need to create either a dynamic, static, or a suppression list of prospects for your specific campaign.
  • Utilizing Drip Programs allows you to be more systematic in preparing and sending out your marketing correspondence. Properly spacing your emails is a good strategy that fosters continuity of communication and lets your prospects know you’re not holding out on them.
  • As its other term implies, Drip Programs or Lead Nurturing Programs help your prospects get excited for what else is in store for them. Sending emails through Drip Programs is actually a good strategy for leads who are not keen on closing a deal right away. They’re also good for marketing plans that come in a series.

In a nutshell, Pardot Drip Program is an effective email program that can help you maintain a high level of lead engagement through timeframe-based drip email sending.

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