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What Is Entitlement Process in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, an entitlement process is a set timeline for resolving cases and work orders. Understanding how this process works requires prior knowledge of the functions of Entitlement Management and Milestones.

Entitlement Management 

This is the part of the system which allows users to provide correct and timely support to customers. With this Salesforce feature, it is easy to define, enforce and track support services as an integral component of customer management.


Good customer support is correct and on time. For providing timely support, you can use the Milestone system. Here you can categorize cases as “first response” or set up acceptable time limit for resolving cases. After setting up a milestone, it will then be assigned to an entitlement process.

Milestones are particularly beneficial if you prioritize consistent customer support experience.

 Setting Up an Entitlement Process 

Create a milestone first. For example, name that milestone as “case resolution” with defined resolution time “24 hours”. Then proceed to creating an “entitlement process” Give that a name such as “standard support process”. Afterwards, define the time element by adding the milestone to the entitlement process.

Next, define the workflow. These are actions to do to fulfill the entitlement. For example, you can put: email the customer three hours before the 24-hour deadline.

 Using an Entitlement Process 

Apply the entitlement process to a certain account. For the above case, just simply put “apply the entitlement case to a certain account”. You can name this as “email support to client A”. The last step is to create a case out of this particular entitlement process.

 Maximum Number 

You can create up to 1000 entitlement processes. For every process, the maximum number of allowable milestones is 10. For organizations created before the summer of 2013, contact Salesforce support to increase your entitlement processes to the updated maximum number of 1000.

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