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What Is Entitlement Template In Salesforce?

One Salesforce function you can use to provide consistent support to your customers is the “Entitlement Process”. Organizations can create up to 1000 entitlement processes. Salesforce users can create templates for entitlement processes.

It is recommended that users create entitlement templates for different products. This way, support agents can easily add the correct entitlement for each customer at the time the customer makes the purchase. For instance, create templates for phone or web support, so that agents can just add these entitlements to products or services offered to customers.

 Required Editions 

Entitlement templates are available only in certain editions. For the Developer editions, only those with the Service Cloud functions allow creation of these templates. Other editions with entitlement template feature are Lighting Experience, Salesforce Classic, Enterprise, Professional, Unlimited and Performance.

To be able to create entitlement templates, you must first secure the “Manage Entitlements” permission.

 How It Works 

In Salesforce, purchased products are designated as assets. This means that a product (for example, a computer) is assigned a specific template. If a certain customer purchased a computer, the computer will be listed as an asset and will be linked to a particular entitlement that was created from the entitlement template.

Note: Entitlement Templates can only be available after enabling products and entitlements in your organization.

How to Create an Entitlement Template 

Make an entitlement template in 4 steps:

  • Go to the product page layouts. Add the Entitlement Templates related list to these layouts.

  • Make an entitlement template. For this, go to the Quick Find box and enter in Entitlement Templates. Click “New Template” and enter required information in designated fields.

  • Click Save.

  • Add the entitlement template to the product. Access the page showing the product’s details. Click “Add Entitlement Template” and select the template. Click “Insert Selected”. Then click “Done”.

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