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What is ExactTarget in Salesforce?

Marketing automation is one feature that many businesses want to achieve. Hence, several tools and solutions were introduced to address this business concern. And ExactTarget is one of the leading providers of these solutions. What is ExactTarget, how does it relate with CRM tools like Salesforce, and how do customers benefit from it?

Definition of ExactTarget

ExactTarget is a marketing automation and analytics software provider. This digital company primarily caters to B2B marketers. They provide automatic digital communications solutions to businesses to support their B2B strategies. ExactTarget operates on the principle of delivering the proper messages to the right people at the right moment.

What Services does ExactTarget offer?

ExactTarget offers technology to make the marketing aspect of businesses easier, faster and more flexible. Here are some of their services:

  • A reliable data center that is capable of storing huge amounts of business data safely and securely
  • Integration of data sources scattered across the organization to streamline the business systems
  • Digital communication channels (Email, Voice and SMS) that can be securely accessed through a single management console
  • The ability to automate communication channels, especially when critical messages need to be sent across the organization or to their customers
  • Business processes automation and web analytics
  • Scalable architecture that can process time-sensitive emails and deliver them automatically, no matter how many transactions need to be completed within the day

How do Customers Benefit from ExactTarget?

Businesses using ExactTarget’s services communicate better within the organization and with their respective end-customers. ExactTarget has provided excellent email marketing support and in turn, has empowered businesses to effectively communicate with their end-customers.

ExactTarget and Salesforce

ExactTarget was recently by Salesforce in 2013. It now operates under the name Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This new integration gave birth to a digital marketing platform that gives customers not only marketing automation but also a complete customer relations management solution. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can now be accessed through the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

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