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What is @mention in Salesforce

Salesforce Chatter allows you to freely interact with your company colleagues in terms of exchanging ideas, sharing relevant data, and collaborating on different projects. Because you’ll be virtually talking to several colleagues at once, you’re free to @mention anyone you want to directly talk to. This post will help you understand what @mentions are and how to use them.

@Mention Defined

@mention is a tag used to call attention of an individual or a group you want to directly contact on Salesforce Chatter. This feature tags your chosen individuals whenever you make a post with their name on the mention.

@mentions are able to tag both individual Chatter users, as well as group users.

If you’re a frequent social media user nowadays, you’ll likely grab the gist of what @mentions are. @mentions in Salesforce Chatter function similarly to tagging and mentioning mechanisms found in several social networking sites today.

How to Use the @mention Feature

Using the @mention is relatively easy. You start off by writing a post in Chatter. Type the “@” symbol, followed immediately by the first few letters of the name of the individual or group you wish to tag. A list of matching names will then appear. Select your chose person or group from the matches list.

Your matching list typically contains the following @mention individual suggestions:

  • Persons you usually interact with
  • Private groups that you are a member of
  • Public groups

You’re not allowed to make mentions on customer groups, unlisted groups, archived groups, and other private groups you are not a member of. Note that you’re allowed a maximum of 25 mentions in one post or comment.

After choosing the desired person or group to tag, the name of the person or group you tagged will appear as a clickable text in blue after the @ symbol.

Hit Share to finish posting your update.

Once your mentioned individual or group opens his/their Chatter, they’ll see your tagged post on top of their feeds. They will be able to reply on your post through the comments section. They can also @mention you there. Chatter also sends an email to @mentioned users who chose to receive notifications via email.

To sum it up, Chatter allows you to connect directly to uses and groups you choose to talk to through the use of @mentions. It’s an easy to use feature that lets you connect even better to your colleagues in Salesforce.

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