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What Is NetSuite in Pardot

Have you ever experienced using different CRMs for storing and managing several data at a time? Most probably. Businesses have to deal with several chunks of information that they can use to fuel all aspects of their business operations.

But there will be times when an integration of all these data is necessary. Information must be exchanged across CRMs to facilitate better data management and analysis.

If you’re both a Salesforce Pardot and NetSuite account user, then you’re in luck. Pardot allows a seamless integration between their CRM and NetSuite, another powerful CRM. Here’s what you need to know about NetSuite in Pardot.

What NetSuite Is

On its own, NetSuite is a CRM system similar to Salesforce. It is a cloud-based customer relations software that enables you to enter relevant customer information, manage and analyze these data, and automate business processes. These NetSuite features allow you to view your customers in a broader perspective and make necessary business steps to ensure that you’re never outside the customer’s lifecycle.

NetSuite provides solutions for every step of the customer’s lifecycle. Some of their programs include information entering and analysis for the following:

  • Lead generation
  • Fulfillment of sales orders
  • Opportunities
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Upsell
  • Cross-sell
  • Customer support

NetSuite is also capable of providing marketing automation services to help you enhance your business processes.

Pardot and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Pardot allows a seamless integration with NetSuite through the use of a NetSuite Connector. This connector enables you to sync your Pardot and NetSuite data and map them against each other. The NetSuite Connector allows you to effective manage data from both NetSuite and Salesforce Pardot, making you more effective in creating and managing marketing campaigns across several channels.

Using the NetSuite Connector in Pardot is quite simple. You simply need to add a new Connector via the Administration tab found in the Pardot’s start-up main interface. You should have your NetSuite username, password, account number, and CRM Role ID handy in order to quickly create a new NetSuite Connector. Once properly set-up and verified, you may now use the connector to sync in your data from the two platforms.

To sum it all up, Salesforce Pardot and NetSuite have teamed up together to provide a holistic approach to customer data management and marketing solutions. With NetSuite Connector as your primary tool, you can unlock a new world of data management possibilities within Salesforce Pardot.

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