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What Is RingLead in Pardot

Your business’s leads and contact could be so numerous that it becomes hard to keep track of duplications in contact information within your Pardot platform. To counter that, Pardot has teamed up with a third-party solution provider to help ensure quality information about your leads and contacts. This post will show you what RIngLead is and how it functions in Pardot.

RingLead Definition

RingLead is a specialized third-party tool that de-clutters your Pardot system of any contact and lead duplicates. RingLead uses more than one data points to search your Pardot contacts, update them, and delete if there are any duplicates.

How Does RingLead Work?

Salesforce Pardot uses only the email address as its unique identifier to search and update contacts. That makes it hard for Pardot to trace duplications in contacts which are based on other data point identifiers.

One rationale for the inadequacy of email addresses alone in cleansing duplicate leads is that a single lead may have more than one kind of email address at the same time.

For example, a person is recorded in Salesforce using the email address He might enter a landing page, fill up a web-to-lead form using another email address, say,, and be recorded in Salesforce as another lead. Thus, you get two leads based on two different email address, but they’re essentially the same person. It’s a duplication that Pardot alone cannot readily detect.

RingLead is different. Apart from the email address, it searches contacts based on other field criteria. RingLead may use Phone Numbers, Address, Surname, First Name, and other similar field information to look for contact duplicates, eradicate them, and update existing single contacts.

You can utilize RingLead’s powerful quality-ensuring abilities by placing Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms on your own landing pages. Arrange your connector settings to enable your prospects to sync down automatically from Salesforce to Pardot every time they use your landing pages.

In summary, RingLead is a useful tool to detect duplicate leads, cleanse out any duplicates seen, and update contacts thoroughly in Salesforce Pardot. It uses multiple data factors to pinpoint duplicates and maintain your lead information in good quality.

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