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What Is Salesforce B2C Commerce Project Management Module?

Businesses are swiftly adopting the B2C e-commerce model nowadays. B2C means business-to-consumers, a model where enterprises directly sell their products and services to the end-customers. Modern technology makes B2C commerce more streamlined because of the many online tools that can automate business processes.

Salesforce has several tools that can help entrepreneurs manage their B2C e-commerce projects successfully. The tech giant created a training module to help businesses learn the nitty-gritty on commerce project management.

What the Module Is About

Salesforce’s B2C Commerce Project Management Module is an hour-long online training package that teaches users how to manage B2C commerce projects with the help of Salesforce tools.

The module is divided into six units that include processes such as planning commerce implementation, designing and building storefronts, and launching a newly-built e-commerce platform. Each unit can be completed in 10 minutes.

The module is available in Salesforce Trailhead under two trails, namely:

  • Build Your Practice as a Consulting Partner
  • Build Your Salesforce B2C Commerce Consulting Practice

Business admins and marketers are highly encouraged to take the module.

Units Preview

B2C Commerce Project Management Module has six units that need to be completed. Here’s a preview of what learnings to expect in each unit:

  • Discover B2C Commerce Project Management

The unit covers the basics of B2C including the eight phases of an implementation project, goals and scope of a project, B2C commerce project team and their roles, and the partner project manager’s responsibilities during the project’s duration.

  • Plan the B2C Commerce Implementation

Learners will discover things to factor in when planning a commerce project implementation. Such factors include statement of work, milestones, deliverables planning, and risk mitigation.

  • Design the B2C Commerce Storefront

This unit focuses on creating a storefront using Commerce Cloud Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA). Learners are taught how to use SFRA wireframes to build visual storefront designs.

  • Document Requirements and Build the Storefront

This unit explains concepts that are needed in building a storefront, such as functional design specification, technical design specification, and scope gap analysis. Requirements and Build Deliverables are also listed here.

  • Test the B2C Commerce Implementation

A quick discussion about testing the B2C commerce implementation plan is found in this unit. Also included are the test deliverables and the customer’s responsibilities during the testing per se.

  • Manage the Launch and Post-Launch Activities

All the essential things needed for the project to go live are explained in this unit. Learners are walked through concepts such as launch plans, launch gates, transition governance, and post-launch activities.

Summing It Up

Salesforce B2C Commerce Project Management Module is an online learning package designed to help entrepreneurs create, test, and launch their e-commerce B2C projects using the Commerce Cloud. It is a useful tool for businesses that want to launch streamlined and successful campaigns efficiently.

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