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What Is Salesforce® Engage

Successful businesses thrive because of good product sales coupled with effective marketing methods. Thus, marketing and sales need to work collaboratively in order to push a company towards successful operations. And these two departments need data about current and prospective customers to guide them in creating effective marketing and sales solutions.

Salesforce knows that reaching out to customers and prospects is a good way of obtaining valuable information and insights about a business’ target market. Likewise, analyzing prospects’ data is a good start in planning how to properly reach out to customers.

That’s why they’ve created Salesforce Engage. This program enables businesses to successfully manage both marketing and sales together. And this post will discuss what Engage is about, and what it can do for a company.

Salesforce Engage Defined

Salesforce Engage is a program solution offered under Salesforce Sales Cloud. Engage is created to enable sales teams and marketing teams to monitor and analyze trends in consumer practices and behaviors.

Engage is mostly centered at helping marketers come up with ways to communicate with their prospects and customers. They also have solutions for monitoring customer behaviors towards their specific marketing campaigns.

Features of Salesforce Engage

Here are the basic features you’ll get to use on Salesforce Engage:

  • Personalized Messages for Customers and Prospects

Reach out to more prospects by creating targeted emails on Engage Campaigns. You may choose from several marketing email templates, or you may create your own from-scratch emails to send to clients and prospects.

  • Prospect Engagement History

Track your customers and prospect’s engagement within Salesforce or on Salesforce’s mobile app. You may view their engagement history in order to gain insight on useful trends regarding customer behaviors towards your campaigns. You can also choose to receive real-time alerts about your customer’s engagement activities.

  • Dashboard Monitoring

Check your marketing campaign’s success using Engage’s graphical dashboards. Other engagement metrics such as email opens can also be seen and analyzed.

The collaboration between marketing and sales teams entails the use of shared information and insights about their present and future customers. Salesforce Engage helps in working towards this collaboration by providing ways to manage data and to reach out effectively to customers.

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