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What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Digital automation already paved the way for several positive changes in the marketing industry. Marketers are now able to analyze customer behavior and create personalized business paths through the power of digital automation, all ingrained within Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud.

This short article will define Salesforce Marketing Cloud, how it works, and how important it is to the marketing industry.

Defining Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a Salesforce product that focuses on programs aimed at marketing analytics and automation. The software aims to automate marketing processes, analyzes consumer data, and acts on this data to ensure smooth marketing flow as the prospect customers turn into real customers. Marketing Cloud encompasses marketing efforts done via email, social media, online, and mobile platforms.

Marketing Cloud Features

Here are some of the useful programs and features that Salesforce Marketing Cloud has to offer:

  • Email Studio – Helps you create email marketing campaigns based on the analysis of your individual customer’s data.
  • Pardot – A program used to connect B2B sales and marketing efforts on a single platform.
  • Salesforce DMP – A unique platform where marketers can import and activate customer data.
  • Journey Builder – Lets you create personalized customer business journey charts to help guide the marketing team on what steps you must do to engage your customers in your marketing campaigns effectively.
  • Advertising Studio – A specialized program that helps you engage your customers through the creation of various personalized targeted campaigns.
  • Social Studio – Lets you harness the power of social media to help you with your marketing efforts.
  • Mobile Studio – Provides solutions for engaging your customers through push SMS notifications and mobile group messages.
  • Interaction Studio – Lets you engage in visualizing how a customer experience will go and provides you real-time experiences of consumer activities.
  • Salesforce Data Studio – Lets you use data from Salesforce’s main CRM to boost your marketing efforts and easily automate business processes.

All these programs work interactively to provide you a holistic solution for your marketing automation needs.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool to automate marketing activities. Through this program, one-to-one personalized customer experiences are born. Marketing Cloud hosts a plethora of programs that imports customer data, analyzes them, creates marketing campaigns, measures the effectiveness of these campaigns, and connects to the sales team in order to improve the business as a whole.

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