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What Is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is a platform designed to aid organizations in sales, marketing and customer support. It is applicable in both B2C and B2B contexts. With Sales Cloud, find new leads, close deals and grow your accounts faster.


You want to be the top performer among your competitors. Sales Cloud can help. Advantages of using Sales Cloud include:

  • Account and contact management – With Sales Cloud, you can keep track of your customers, including their activity history. This also allows management of key contacts, internal account discussion and customer communications.

  • Opportunity management – Manage your team’s deals. This feature allows you a complete view of stage, quotes, competition and of course – your products.

  • Lead management – Sales Cloud allows you to manage your leads from click to close.

  • Sales Data – Increase productivity and sales guided by the latest and most accurate data.

  • Mobile – Sales Cloud will turn your mobile device into a transportable sales office. With this, you can connect with your hot leads and view your sales dashboard anywhere you are.

 Features to Drive Sales with Sales Cloud 

With Sales Clouds, your sales team is completely supported to bring in the highest possible revenue. Check the following features:

  • Sales Data Management – It is easy to structure your sales data with Salesforce. It’s as easy as structuring your sales territories.

  • Customizable Forecasting – Sales Cloud also helps out with estimating how much sales your teams can generate. This feature allows managers and executives to get an overview of the entire business no matter how dispersed the sales teams are.

  • Drive Sales with Partners – Partners are entities you work with to close deals. For every account and opportunity you make, the Partners related list allows storage of information about your partner and their participation in the account or opportunity.

  • Wealth Management – This feature is designed for your wealth managers who deal with high net worth clients.

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