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What is the Accessibility Basics Module?

Accessibility is the process of making your websites usable to as many of your visitors as possible. If you are interested in this web service feature then the Trailhead accessibility basics module is where you should go.

You can access it here.

What You Will Learn

In the Accessibility Basics Module your objectives will include the following:

  • Learn what is meant by accessibility and digital accessibility

  • What are the benefits of accessibility

  • Learn the guidelines and cite examples of accessibility laws

  • How to source accessible products

  • How to become a champion of accessibility

  • Learn the different available assistive technologies available

  • What are your responsibilities and roles with regard to accessibility

Disability Rights Movement

Why do you need to learn how to make your web properties accessible to everyone? It all stems back from the global disability rights movement in the 1800s.

Advocacy groups were created in that century and the practice and tradition continues today in the digital age. Note that it is the global disability rights movement that inspired the civil rights movement in the USA.

There are laws that have been passed to stresses the importance of providing equal opportunities for all people especially those with disabilities. In the case of the 21st century it has been recognized that access to information included in the digital environment should be made accessible to everyone.

Accessibility and Digital Accessibility

Accessibility in the broad sense refers to providing means for people of a variety of physical capabilities to independently use a company’s products and services.

Digital accessibility is therefore defined as empowering your web properties, apps, and other tools and services to become accessible to people with diverse capabilities.

Your role in digital accessibility is to work with marketing and design teams, leaders, executives, mobile and front end developers, user experience teams, designers, product managers, and others to develop accessible features.

These subjects will be discussed when you take the Salesforce accessibility basics module on Trailhead, which you can find here.

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