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What Is the Account Data Strategies Module?

A sales team must know how to properly utilize their customer data in order to successfully close deals. And this is why Salesforce designed the Account Data Strategies Module so that sales teams have a guide on how they can effectively manage and use data to their advantage.

Defining Account Data Strategies Module

Account Data Strategies Module is a learning package under the Drive Sales with Operational Excellence trail. The module can be found within Trailhead with the tag CRM.

This module is designed to educate sales team members about the various techniques with which they can utilize the account data they keep within Salesforce. This is to help them properly view their customers in a holistic way, which, in turn, can empower them to close successful deals by establishing a personal sales experience with their customers.

Units Under the Module

This module is a quick 20-minute learning package which consists of two units:

  1. Use Data to Obtain a 3600 View of Your Customers

The first unit is a 10-minute read where the learner can understand the definition of a 360-view of customers. Learners will also know how to collect a complete and holistic customer information, which Salesforce tools to use for encoding and storing collected data, and how this data can impact the sales cycle.

  1. Develop Data-Backed Account Management Strategy

This second unit is also a 10-minute read which focuses on properly approaching accounts in order to yield the best sales results. Sales representatives taking this module will become aware of the whitespace analysis to close more deals using a holistic approach to customers’ accounts and data.

There is a quiz at the end of each unit, which will assess if the learner indeed understood the lessons presented in the module. The quizzes give learners 100 points if completed successfully. Learners must be logged on to their Trailhead accounts in order to access the after-unit quizzes.


Account Data Strategies is another learning module under Salesforce Trailhead which teaches its users the importance of holistic data gathering and analysis to come up with successful sales deals. It is recommended for sales team members and sales representatives.

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