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What Is the Accountability & Delegation Module?

A large organization definitely has lots of business processes that keep them busy. Teamwork is necessary to climb the success ladder. No one should fully bear all work responsibilities, which is why delegation and corresponding accountability must be established.

Salesforce realizes this. That is why they came up with the Accountability & Delegation Module to teach and inspire teams to work together towards the realization of common goals.

Defining the Module

Accountability & Delegation Module is a one hour and twenty-minute self-learning package designed for all kinds of Salesforce employees. It tackles relevant points about accountability and delegation, and how these relate to everyday work. The module is divided into four units, each one 20 minutes in length. Each module emphasizes important factors to make individuals understand the true essence of accountability and delegation.

This module is available on Trailhead under the Manage the Salesforce Way trail. It is also tagged under the General modules.

Units at-a-Glance

There are four 20-minute units included in this module:

  1. Define Accountability

What does true accountability mean? This is discussed in this unit. Accountability will be defined, along with examples of how accountability applies to everyday life. Challenges that occur together with accountability are also discussed.

  1. Use the SIMPLE Framework

This unit presents the SIMPLE Framework – a system which helps learners to hold other employees accountable and let them maintain that accountability firmly.

  1. Learn How and When to Delegate

Delegation steps in now in this unit. Learners will understand what delegation is about and how it is applied in daily work life. The right time to delegate and the right people to whom tasks must be delegated will also be discussed in this unit.

  1. Set Up Individuals for Success

The final unit for this module focuses on empowering other colleagues to whom tasks have been delegated. Learners will also become aware of the risks of delegating to others, and how to prevent them. They’ll also learn how to let go of tasks with a lighter heart, knowing they’ve delegated the tasks to someone dependable and capable.

Each unit finishes off with a short quiz to gauge the learner’s understanding of the principles presented. Log on to Trailhead first before going through the module and answering the quizzes.


Salesforce’s Accountability & Delegation Module is designed to empower employees by becoming aware of the importance of delegating tasks and becoming accountable for it. It is a short self-learning package that can enhance employee teamwork and drive up productivity.

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