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What is the Action Plans in Financial Services Cloud Module?

Financial Services action plans allow you to determine tasks that can be repeated. Later on they can help you automate these tasks which would improve a team’s productivity and collaboration.

To learn more about how to use them, you can go over the Action Plans in Financial Services Cloud Module on Trailhead. Teams can use these action plans to assign tasks automatically.

These action plans can then be used to schedule deadlines as well as provide guidelines for specified client engagements.

Prepare Your Organization to Setup Action Plans

In this Trailhead module you will learn how to prepare your teams to make use of action plans. This includes setting up permissions for action plans, configure the status of each task, reporting, and the definition of different task values.

You will also learn how to set permissions to users at different levels so they can access to the action plans feature. A prerequisite to setting permissions is the provision of Financial Services Cloud licenses.

You will also learn how to add and use Action Plan Templates and Action Plan List Lighting components to the different client pages. This will also involve the customization of record pages.

Configuring Roles, Business Hours, and Working Days

Before your team can make use of any of the action plans, there are a few things that you need to do. The final section of this module is all about configuring schedules.

These schedules include working days, business hours, as well as the roles that your team members will play. You will also learn how to setup company-wide holidays.

The first thing you will need to learn is how to both business hours and roles. After that you will learn how to assign tasks outlined in the action plans that you created.

Finally this module will also describe the step by step process to make action plan templates and the actual action plans themselves.

You can find the action plans in the Financial Service Cloud Module here.

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