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What Is the Alexa Development Basics Module?

Amazon’s Echo devices are now run with Alexa, the cloud-based voice-enabled service that makes life easier for its users. Did you know that the power of Alexa can also be used together with Salesforce? The Alexa Development Basics Module will show you just how it works.

Defining the Module

Alexa Development Basics Module is the product of a collaborative educational effort between Salesforce and Amazon. The module is an interesting self-learning packet that’s 35 minutes long. It talks about creating, designing, and using a voice-powered user interface, just like what Alexa does.

The module can be accessed on the Trailhead website under the Innovate with Alexa and Amazon Web Services trail.

Uncover the Units of This Module

There are three units that come with the Alexa Development Basics Module. Since this short course only tackles the basics, the presentation of the topics is in such a way that even a beginner learner can understand and follow along.

  1. Get Started with Alexa

This 10-minute unit focuses on introducing the learner to Alexa and the world of voice interfaces. There are explanations on how voice interfaces work, how Alexa does its voice interface work, and an overview of Alexa’s capabilities that makes Echo devices easier to use.

  1. Learn to Design a Voice User Interface

Learning about the voice design process and checking the difference between voice user interfaces and other interfaces are what characterize this unit. What looks like a complex system of how Alexa works is broken down into easy-to-understand steps with examples included. The reading material can be finished in around 15 minutes.

  1. Discover the Alexa Skills Kit

The last unit in this model covers the types of skills that Alexa covers, as well as the Alexa Skills Kit, which can be used to embed additional skills to Alexa and other voice-activated interfaces. This unit takes 10 minutes to finish.

At the end of each unit is a short quiz to help check the efficacy of the lessons. Users must be logged on to Trailhead to answer them. Successful users receive 100 points for each completed quiz.

The units also have resource links that can be accessed for additional readings and education.


Amazon, in partnership with Salesforce, launched the Alexa Development Basics Module as a way to help their employees learn more about voice-activated interfaces. Amazon shares how their voice-activated interface is created and how the system works while it is being used by a person. The collaboration between Salesforce and Amazon is crucial to the possible integration and collaboration of their systems.

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