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What Is the API Basics Module?

The use of APIs is an imperative skill for developers using the Salesforce platform. APIs are critical to data integration, querying, and navigation.

Hence, Salesforce provides a way for would-be developers and programmers to learn the basics of the application programming interfaces (APIs) used by Salesforce’s system. This self-learning package is called API Basics Module.

Defining API Basis Module

The API Basis Module is a self-learning package created for the learner who wants to familiarize himself with the different APIs used within the Salesforce organization. You can find the module under the Developer Intermediate trail on the Salesforce Trailhead website.

API Basics Module aims to introduce the budding developer to the four most used APIs in Salesforce. The lessons tackled in the API Basics Module uses Salesforce Classic. If you are using Salesforce Lightning Experience, you may utilize the Lightning Experience Basics Module instead.

What to Learn

The entire module is divided into five units, and can be completed within a total of 2 hours. Here is a quick description of each unit to be completed:

  1. Get to Know the Salesforce APIs

This unit presents Salesforce’s API-first approach to creating different platform features. It also introduces the learner to the four basic APIs, giving them an overview of what each one is for and when to use them. The lessons can be finished in about 15 minutes.

  1. Use REST API

This is a 20-minute unit featuring the REST API. Learners will get a chance to log into the Workbench to practice the REST API skills which are also presented in this unit.

  1. Use SOAP API

This is a longer unit which takes 30 minutes to complete. Learners are given various opportunities to try using SOAP, such as logging in to Trailhead using SOAP API and using SoapUI to make a new SOAP project for their orgs.

  1. Use Bulk API

This 25-minute unit tackles Bulk API and its use in importing large amounts of data into the Salesforce platform.

  1. Use Streaming API

Lastly, this 30-minute unit talks about Streaming API and its uses in push notifications and generic streaming of broadcasted messages.

Each unit has a quiz which gives you 100 points each when you successfully complete it. You must be logged on to Trailhead to access the quizzes and credit your scores.


Salesforce created the API Basics Module in order to educate developers on the commonly used APIs in the platform. It can be completed under the learner’s own pace, and is easily accessible on the Salesforce Trailhead website.

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