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What is the AWS Cloud Basics Module?

The AWS Cloud Basics Module is where your go to training area on Trailhead to learn about Amazon Web Services (AWS). There you will get information and training on the following:

  1. The difference between on premises deployment and cloud computing

  2. What AWS is

  3. Differentiate each of the various cloud computing deployment models

  4. AWS service categories

  5. Advantages of cloud computing

  6. How to use the different interfaces for AWS management

  7. Exploring the AWS global infrastructure

What Can You Do with AWS?

AWS is a secure platform that allows you improve content delivery. It is also used for database storage, offer compute power, and include other functionalities that will help grow and scale your business.

Here is a partial list of customizations and functions that you can perform with Amazon Web Services:

  • Send bulk emails to the subscribers of your mailing list

  • Be able to deliver both dynamic as well as static files

  • Use managed databases such including SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL

  • Take advantage of CDN (Content Delivery Network)

  • Store your files on the cloud

  • Host dynamic websites

  • Run application and web servers on the cloud

With AWS, developers and entrepreneurs can use their platform to create and develop sophisticated yet scalable applications and solutions.

They provide several advantages over traditional infrastructures, such as:

  • Increase site speed and agility

  • Transform capital expenses into variable expenses

  • Take advantage of massive economies of scale

  • Cut costs from maintaining and running data centers

  • Allows your business to go global in minutes

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is actually Amazon’s subsidiary. They mainly offer cloud computing services. They have a varied clientele which ranges from small scale companies that have less than 50 employees to larger corporations that employ hundreds.

Their service offerings are categorized as an IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service). That means they rent out their storage space, servers, and other network infrastructures making use of a cloud provider.

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