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What Is the Business Value of Equality Module?

Workplace equality is an important core value that every business must embed within themselves. Employees’ voices must be heard without bias and prejudice, so that a company continues to grow together with a high sense of belongingness and self-value.

Salesforce realizes the utmost importance of workplace equality, which is why they have introduced a self-learning module dedicated to it: The Business Value of Equality Module.

What’s This Module?

The Business Value of Equality Module is a Salesforce self-learning package module that can be found in their Trailhead website. This package is designed to help the learners know the value of diversified workforces to the company and to the community where they serve. This module can be accessed through the Cultivate Equality at Work trail.

What You Can Learn

The module consists of three units:

  1. Understand Diversity’s Importance as Well as Inclusion at Work

This unit tackles basic definitions of inclusion and diversity, along with explanations of their impact on an organization. Gender equality is also briefly touched on. The unit can be read and finished within 10 minutes.

  1. Explore Salesforce Strategy to Promote Workplace Equality

This is a 25-minute read which focuses on the specific ways that Salesforce promotes equality within their own organization. You will learn about how Salesforce addresses the equality concerns in the areas of pay, worker rights, education, and opportunities.

  1. Learn About the Salesforce Ohana Groups

The third and last unit for this module is about Salesforce Ohana Groups, the company’s employee groups which are formed on the basis of backgrounds, alliances, and common life experiences. These groups aim to strengthen diversity within the workplace and work together towards an unbiased professional development. The unit lasts for 10 minutes.

As per the usual modules found in Trailhead, there is a short quiz at the end of each unit to assess if the learner understood the concepts presented in the module.


Business Value of Equality module is a Salesforce learning material aimed at letting its employees know that equality in the workplace is an important core value of the company. The 45-minute module will leave its learners aware of how equality can truly help shape a company and push it forward to a united growth and development.

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