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What Is the Data Loader on Salesforce?

There will be times when you need to add or take a large amount of data to and from your Salesforce account. To help with this dilemma, Salesforce came up with the Data Loader application. Learn more about the Data Loader in this short article.

Data Loader Defined

Data Loader is a Salesforce application used to either import or export a huge amount of bulk data. This program can be used to update, insert, export, and delete large amounts of data automatically.

Data Loader was formerly known as Sforce Data Loader and AppExchange Data Loader. It can run on both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience interfaces. It works with Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer, and Salesforce editions.

How It Works

Data Loader uses CSV files and database connections to read, understand, and upload data during an import session. Similarly, the program compresses data into CSV files whenever an export data function is performed.

Some of the program’s key features include the following:

  • Supports bulk data processing for up to 5 million Salesforce records
  • Processes data from both and Salesforce main interface
  • Mac and Windows supported
  • Can process all kinds of objects, including custom ones
  • Log files created in CSV format
  • CSV file viewer automatically built within the system
  • Field mapping using a drag-and-drop functionality

You may choose to use the program’s User Interface to manually specify configuration matters, field mappings, and CSV files to be used for the import or export activity. Alternatively, you can also use the Command Line interface (available only in Windows) to automate data processing and make your import/export tasks less tedious.

What You Must Know

Take these things into consideration before attempting to use Data Loader.

  • The program can only process up to 5 million records. If you need to import or export data exceeding this limit, look for an alternative product on the AppExchange or contact a Salesforce partner for help.
  • Data Loader is a suitable program for backup generation. Create your backup files through the Data Loader to give you peace of mind over lost data and accidental deletions.
  • Data Loader can work on scheduled data loads, such as when you want an automatic export during a specific time of the week.
  • If the Salesforce import wizards cannot support the data you wish to import, try using the Data Loader first before seeking higher help.


Salesforce Data Loader is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for data loads, be it importing files or exporting them to create backup copies. It can process bulk amounts of data and can be programmed to become fully automated depending on your desired configurations.

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