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What Is the Knowledge Sidebar in Salesforce?

Salesforce has this Knowledge feature where users can create help articles and share their knowledge to everyone. Salesforce Knowledge is a useful tool that elevates customer service by letting the end-users locate for themselves the answers to their brand-related questions right at their fingertips through the use of help articles.

Salesforce users may be familiar with the Knowledge Sidebar. It is a tool used to simplify Knowledge use and it also increases agent productivity. This article will tackle more about what Knowledge Sidebar is and how it works within Salesforce.

Defining Knowledge Sidebar

The Salesforce Knowledge Sidebar is a simple display bar found within the Salesforce Console. It brings together relevant articles from the Salesforce Knowledge database so that Knowledge agents have easy access to it. The Knowledge Sidebar contains information and potential answers to help service teams handle concerns and queries easily. This feature only becomes active and visible to agents once an administrator sets it up.

How It Works

Knowledge Sidebar basically works like a search engine within the Salesforce Knowledge Console. The user types in a query he wishes to resolve on a specific case Subject. Knowledge then searches for articles that match the user’s search term. The results are automatically displayed on the sidebar for the user to choose which the most relevant one according to his needs is.

The Knowledge Sidebar can display related articles updated recently within the last 30 days only. Should you wish to look further for older articles, you may do so by using specific search terms in your queries.

Knowledge articles displayed through the Sidebar can also be filtered by language, categories, or validation status, as needed by the user. In that way, the user narrows down his search to the most relevant help topics contained within the Knowledge articles.

Physical Appearance

Knowledge Sidebar contains a Search box where you can type in your case queries. It also has the following columns:

  • New
  • Article Title
  • Most Viewed

An article count indicator is also available in the sidebar’s lower left corner. Use this to determine how many articles you can view at a time (it can either be 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200).

The sidebar can be shown or hidden anytime by hovering over it and clicking the arrow signs that will appear. You can also drag its bars to resize its width as you please.


Salesforce Knowledge Sidebar is a customizable tool where users can search for articles related to their real-time case subjects. The bar must be configured by the administrator first before agents can use it. This bar is useful for agents who need quick information about their case subjects while working within Salesforce Knowledge Console.

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