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What Is the S-Control in Salesforce?

You can leverage the functionality of your own Salesforce organization with the use of S-controls. What is this Salesforce element, and how does it work?

Take Note!

Please note that S-Controls are not used in Salesforce anymore. It is already an old element and has been replaced by Visualforce pages since the release of the Spring ’09 version.

Your organization cannot create s-controls anymore if they haven’t used them yet at any time before Spring ‘09. You will be utilizing Visualforce pages instead.

For organizations that have existing s-controls, you can use them as it is.

However, a basic definition and brief background for S-controls will still be discussed for educational purposes and for those who continue to use s-controls in their organizations.

Definition and Uses of S-Controls

S-controls are customized elements that are used to store your program’s code. It can also be used to refer to another code outside of your organization. This element is often utilized to improve the function of an existing Salesforce organization and application.

S-controls may contain different kinds of content, some of which may include:

  • Excel files
  • Dashboards
  • Web snippets
  • Web HTML forms
  • Active-X controls
  • Java applets

S-controls run on a procedural code. Developers using s-controls must have extensive knowledge of HTML, Ajax Toolkit, and JavaScript.

What S-Controls Are For

S-controls can be inserted into codes to work for a variety of purposes, such as the following:

  • Adding Snippets onto a page
  • Overriding buttons and tabs in home pages
  • Overriding standard actions with conditions
  • Adding detail pages
  • Creating and displaying customized data forms

S-controls can be viewed, edited, and deleted as your organization sees it fit. There is also an S-control custom library where you can upload and store content such as tabs, links, dashboards, and buttons. These contents can be used later on as an S-control wherever you want to use them in the system.

Summing It Up

S-controls are useful elements to customize your Salesforce organization. It consists of objects that can be used to store code, refer to outside code, display custom forms, add snippets, and perform whatever function you like for your organization.

Visualforce already replaced S-controls in 2010. Existing S-control users can still view, edit, and use their S-controls, but users from 2010 and beyond cannot create S-control anymore.

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