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What Is the Salesforce Knowledge Base?

Salesforce knows that customers want to be as independent as possible when it comes to seeking support for their business needs. Hence, Salesforce launched the Knowledge Base to help their business clients empower their own self-service support systems. This post will quickly tackle what the Knowledge Base is, and how it is used to improve support systems and customer experience.

Defining Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is Salesforce’s tool for pooling together relevant company information and sharing it to the company’s end customers in a public yet secured manner. It is a tool that can help agents upload articles about various aspects of a company and its services. The articles will serve as a help guide that end-customers can easily access whenever they have a question in mind regarding the company or its products.

How Does Knowledge Base Work?

Help articles are the main components of an organization’s Knowledge Base. These articles may offer content such as:

  • Facts about the company and its products
  • Frequently asked questions about the company’s products
  • Troubleshooting information

Internal writers, product experts, and experienced service agents are the ones who typically write content for their organization’s Knowledge Base. They also manage when and where their articles will be published. Knowledge Base articles can be made available to its intended users through:

  • Public websites – as self-help texts that end-customers can easily access whenever they need it
  • Internal company database – for sensitive information and to help service agents answer queries from customers
  • Partner communities – where an exchange of information is necessary to build customer confidence and boost business productivity

Articles are written and published by the respective writers. They can be edited and even translated into different languages before they are set to be published. Settings for security and article layouts are determined by using the field level security and the layout profile functions. Then, these articles will be lined up for approval before they get published into whatever channel they are intended to be used with.


Salesforce Knowledge Base contains all the tools needed to create quality articles for information purposes. Knowledge Base also serves as a library of sorts for all the articles created under your organization. You have the ability to choose settings for each article created, select security levels, and choose where the articles will appear as published help text works.

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