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What is Volunteer Registration Module ?

If you thought managing a nonprofit organization’s volunteers is easy, think again. Looking after the volunteers your nonprofit has recruited and managing all the work they need to do is a daunting task. That is why Salesforce created a solution for easier volunteer management, and it’s called Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) program.

While there is a short Trailhead module dedicated to introducing the basic features of this program, Salesforce created a separate module to teach admin users how to manage volunteer registration and its associated tasks. We’ll look into that module in detail here.

Introducing the Volunteer Registration Module

Volunteer Registration is a learning module designed to show admin users volunteer management in action. It uses a real example in the form of EarthCorps, a nonprofit organization who uses V4S for a long time now. The module focuses on how EarthCorps organized an event called REVIVE, utilizing V4S in every step of the volunteer registration and management process.

The module can be completed in an hour and 50 minutes. It is accessible in Trailhead under the Manage Volunteers for Nonprofits trail. It consists of five units that tackle volunteer management through the actual examples used by EarthCorps organization.

Five Units Under the Module

Learners will complete the module after going through these five units:

  • Get Started with Volunteer Registration – 20 minutes

The first unit introduces the EarthCorps event REVIVE and uses it as an example for the rest of the module. It tackles how to structure events in the V4S platform and how to set up a volunteer campaign related to those events.

  • Create Volunteer Jobs – 15 minutes

It’s all about jobs in this second unit. Learners will discover how to create jobs for the campaign they built in the previous unit. They will also learn how to create additional jobs and how to review all the jobs created for a specific campaign.

  • Create Job Shifts – 25 minutes

Volunteers need to work at certain days, times, and shifts. Hence, this third unit focuses on creating, confirming, and assigning job shifts to chosen volunteers. It also teaches learners how to reconcile volunteer hours at the end of an event.

  • Set Up a Campaign with Recurring Events – 25 minutes

The same events are bound to happen repeatedly within an organization. Hence, this fourth unit is all about creating campaigns for events occurring at different locations and time zones.

  • Create Shifts for Recurring Events – 25 minutes

The fifth and last unit deals with creating jobs and shifts for recurring events. Learners will be introduced to the concepts of job recurrence, repeat volunteer jobs, and recurrent schedules.

Wrapping it Up

Volunteer Registration Module is Salesforce’s online learning package designed to teach users how to manage volunteers for both one-time and recurring events. It uses a real-life event example from EarthCorps organization to illustrate how events and volunteer campaigns are created and managed in Salesforce’s Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) platform.

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