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What is Web Chat Basics Module ?

Live web chat support is an extremely useful customer support tool for any business. It provides instant responses to customer inquiries in a real-time manner. Integrating a live web chat tool in a business website gives end-customers the satisfaction and assurance of having someone readily on-hand to answer queries they might have about the business’s products and services.

Sadly, not all entrepreneurs are keen to having a live chat support in their respective sites. They feel as if it’s a burden to create and maintain.

They do not realize that there are platforms like Salesforce Lightning which gives them ease of use and flexibility in integrating live chat support to their websites.

Salesforce Trailhead presents a module that will help intermediate-level admins in creating, managing, and integrating live web chat support in a website. We’ll look into the Web Chat Basics module in this article.

What’s this Module About?

Web Chat Basics Module is an online learning package aimed at teaching users how to create a web chat channel using the Snap-Ins Chat feature in Salesforce Lightning Experience. The module consists of four units which amount to 1 hour 20 minutes of learning activities.

The chat basics module is available under the Get Started with Service Cloud for Lightning Experience trail. Recommended learners are Salesforce admins who are already at an intermediate level of experience with Salesforce Service Cloud.

<h2>What to Expect in the Module’s Units</h2>

Salesforce Trailhead created four interesting units for the Web Chat Basics Module:

  • Get Started with Web Chat – 25 minutes

Discover the basics of web chat and its benefits in this unit. The concept of snap-ins is also introduced here. Learners will also understand how to setup a simple web chat and will have a chance to create a sample using Visualforce pages.

  • Add Your Branding to Snap-Ins Chat – 25 minutes

Branding is another important aspect of a web chat platform. This unit will introduce learners to key concepts surrounding planning and beautifying a web chat platform with brandings.

  • Create Pre-Chat and Offline Support Forms – 25 minutes

Customers love it when they don’t need to repeat their cases to chat agents on a website’s live chat support platform, hence the importance of pre-chat forms and offline support forms. This unit teaches learners how to create and incorporate pre-chat and offline support forms in their live support systems.

  • Make Your Chat Work for You – 5 minutes

This quick five-minute unit presents features that can ramp up support agent’s productivity and make end-customers fascinated with the resulting chat support. Such features include chat transfer, customer timeout, sneak peeks, and customer queue positions.

The Takeaway

Web Chat Basics Module is an easy-to-follow learning package that introduces admin users to the web chat-building framework used in Salesforce Lightning Experience. Completing this module arms admins with the capability to create and integrate powerful live chat support laden with amazing features on their respective business websites.

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