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What is Wellbeing at Work Module ?

Organizations are often too keen on employee productivity. They monitor how fast employees work and how much output they produce every time. Most of the time, a crucial part of productivity is left-out, and that is employee wellbeing.

Wellbeing is generally defined as a state of being healthy and happy. How can an employee work productively if his wellbeing is compromised? The amount and quality of his work will be severely impaired if his wellbeing is not taken care of.

Salesforce realizes the impact of wellbeing in overall company growth and productivity. Hence, they created a virtual wellbeing headquarters called Camp Pono to cater to the wellbeing of their employees at work.

A module regarding Wellbeing at Work and Camp Pono is up on the Salesforce Trailhead website. Here’s a look at what this module offers.

The Wellbeing at Work Module Defined

Wellbeing at Work is a 45-minute module found under the Enhance Employee Wellbeing with Camp Pono trail. It’s a light read that focuses on Salesforce’s programs to enhance employee wellbeing with the help of the Camp Pono campaign.

The module is divided into four units that last for 10-15 minutes each. Useful additional resources are listed at the bottom of each unit lesson. Quizzes are also included at the end of each unit to assess the learning of the users.

This module is recommended for every employee – including beginners, advanced experts, admins, or developer.

Four Learning Units of the Module

Here’s a closer look at the four units included in the Wellbeing at Work module:

  • Learn About Wellbeing at Salesforce – 10 minutes

This unit stresses the unmatched importance of wellbeing within the workplace and its impact in daily and overall business operations. Learners are also introduced to Camp Pono, Salesforce’s virtual initiative to ensure the well being of their employees.

  • Discover the Pillars of Wellbeing – 10 minutes

Topics in this unit include the four pillars of wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle, as well as ways to measure wellbeing goals.

  • Create a Culture of Wellbeing – 15 minutes

This unit explains how Salesforce’s Camp Pono work to ensure the wellbeing of their employees. It shows ways on how Camp Pono is used to build a culture of wellbeing within the Salesforce organization.

  • Put Wellbeing into Action – 10 minutes

How can wellbeing initiatives be started in an organization? And what strategies must be used to implement a full-scale wellbeing program? These questions are all answered in the module’s final unit.

The Bottomline

Wellbeing is a crucial aspect of employee productivity. Employees who are considered of sound mind and body even while dealing with tons of stress and work from the office impact a business in positive ways, as compared to those who have impaired wellbeing.

For this reason, Salesforce created the Wellbeing at Work module to introduce the significance of wellbeing, share their own initiatives via Salesforce Camp Pono, and give some advice on how to incorporate wellbeing-friendly activities into an organization’s routine and culture.

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