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What Providing Personalization to Customers Requires in 2019

Keeping up with customers is the newest challenge experienced by B2C businesses today. Technology has made customers compare their experience to the best customer experience they have ever received. It does not matter if this brand is from a different geographic location, or industry. If they experience it, it becomes their new standard for what is the best.

So, what do brands have to do to provide such an experience to their customers?

An understanding why customers want it

Customers feel overwhelmed by the numerous choices they have when shopping online. This makes knowing when the customer might want to buy irrelevant. Today’s key strategy is knowing why customers buy it.

The most common reason to customer purchase is personalization. If a brand can make it easier for them to buy based on their preferences, customers feel recognized and are more likely to buy their products.

A sound data management strategy

Data is king in personalizing customer experience. A company cannot know what their customers want if they do not have a way to collect their data. Likewise, it does not matter what data the company has if it is not utilized to its utmost potential.

An emphasis on important customer events

Although every customer interactions are important, there are certain events that have a greater impact in a customer’s experience. These interactions happen during service and technical resolution, bill payment, service change or upgrade, and billing resolution. When a customer experiences anything positive or negative during these interactions, it weighs heavily on their minds and dictates their overall experience from a brand.

Provide a seamless experience

Customers do not see multiple departments when interacting with the company. They only see one entity regardless of the division for function within it. Companies must support this customer expectation by providing an omni-channel experience. There should be no time wasted for the customer when interacting with the brand and their information should always be on-hand at each situation.

Build Trust

Customers provide personal data to get a personalized experience. Companies are expected and have the responsibility to take care of this data and only use it for improving customer experience. Business must take the lead through transparency and strict controls. Without these measures, a company is likely to break their customers’ trust and it can be difficult to build it back up.

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