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What Salesforce developer do

Because Salesforce serves so many purposes that can accommodate any growing business’ needs, it’s important to have a highly skilled person operate and manipulate the tool so it becomes an efficient force in your business. They need to be able to customize the software program so your company and your customer can enjoy the many opportunities offered by Salesforce. This is what Salesforce developers do.

Salesforce developers build solutions and applications to make buyer relationship management more efficient for customers thus maximizing your business’ potential. The more user-friendly your CRM is, the easier it is to develop and maintain relationships with new and existing clients. After all, customers are an important aspect of your business and so they must be nurtured.

Salesforce Developer Tasks

A Salesforce developer’s job can vary depending on what aspects of the company and its process that needs to be simplified to make the user-experience of both staff and customer much easier.

A general list of their tasks includes the following:

1. Configuring CRM products like the Sales Cloud to enhance customer relationships and grow the company’s products

2. Developing customer connections by using Service Cloud to improve customer service centers and streamline social media marketing tasks

3. Developing apps that can be used as a hub for customer communities, similar to a social network

4. Integrating Salesforce with other 3rd party services to further expand the functionality of the CRM

5. Writing backend logic using APEX, and developing and maintaining pages using Visualforce and APEX

There are more tasks that a Salesforce developer can do and be specialized in. The tasks listed above is just an overview.

Once you’ve had a good grasp of using the software, it’s important to think about how to make the most out of it for your business. It’s recommended to hire the services of a Salesforce developer in order to unlock the full potential of this software.

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