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What Salesforce does

Salesforce is a CRM software used by many businesses to manage their customer relationships. Its many functions have made it a favourite tool among many organizations for its ability to allow users to maintain contact with new and existing customers as well as staff and other important company stakeholders. And because it follows the cloud model, customers can simply subscribe to this service just by using the internet instead of installing the software on their computer.

Common Functions of Salesforce

1. Build organization-specific fields, customize objects, change page layouts for organizations depending on who is viewing it, and record types
2. Create reports by using filters, tags, tables, groups, and graphs
3. Conduct marketing campaigns using Salesforce Campaigns, email templates, and mass emailing
4. Store contacts as well as export contacts from your list, organize them by household, and maintain contact with them
5. Manage contracts, assets, corporate knowledge bases, product lists, price books, and quotas
6. Develop your own website and portals for both internal and external use
7. Create workgroups so a specific group of staff can speak to each other on select projects
8. Understand your business health and financial standing better with Forecasting
9. Create forms to collect information from new leads
10. Use workflow rules to automate future tasks and follow up tasks
11. Take your business wherever you are thanks to its Salesforce1 Mobile which allows you to access the software through your phone, tablet, or laptop
12. Share files by syncing them so involved members can discuss and track content real-time

There are so many things that you can do with Salesforce. It’s all a matter of identifying your business’ needs and integrating information required to meet those needs. Full participation from staff is also required to reap the benefits provided by Salesforce.

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