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What Will Change Slack Integration to Salesforce

Slack is an enterprise chatting program built around team collaboration tools and is hosted on the cloud. This booming platform has been known to have a powerful yet streamlined way of integrating with external applications, such as Salesforce.

The Tie-Up between Slack and Salesforce

Slack and Salesforce are both large parts of many entrepreneur’s lives. They both make businesses more productive in their own ways. But the collaboration and successful integration of the two platforms take business processes and communication up a higher notch.

Salesforce and Slack merged and integrated into each other’s platforms in 2016. This tie-up enabled them to offer the following features and services to their mutual users:

  • Swap useful data between Slack and Salesforce’s own messaging app, Chatter
  • Importing account details from one platform to another
  • New leads automatic alert system
  • Connecting Slack channels to Salesforce records
  • Salesforce data records formatted accordingly to keep them intact in the Slack interface
  • Searching for opportunity or contacts in Slack by using slash commands
  • Posting the same messages across Slack and Salesforce Chatter
  • Salesforce URLs embedded in Slack messages and open instantly on the Slack platform

People have received this integration well, experiencing better communication between their organization members and upping their productivity while they communicate with their colleagues. For the users, the integration greatly changed the way they work in a positive way.

How Can the Two Platforms Be Integrated?

You can use three approaches to integrate Slack from within the Salesforce platform:

  • Slash Commands
  • Bots
  • Webhook

You may also install the Slack app from Salesforce’s AppExchange in order to enjoy integrative use of Slack and Salesforce Chatter.
On Slack’s end, you have to request Salesforce from Slack’s app directory and install the program from there.
To sum it all up, Salesforce teamed up with Slack to make positive changes in the entrepreneur’s everyday life. The collaboration between these two IT platforms brought about better productivity, improved communication, and optimal data management across these companies.

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