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What’s AppExchange in Salesforce

Salesforce have created an online platform where developers and entrepreneurs can share business apps that can make business processes automated and easier. These apps can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange. This post will share more information about this powerful apps platform.

Defining AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange is essentially an online business application marketplace. This online platform is comprised of Salesforce-ready apps that can help businesses in performing their various operations. Think of the Salesforce AppExchange as a tool similar to mobile phone app stores. The difference is that the apps on the AppExchange are developed using Salesforce, can run on Salesforce environments, and are all related to various kinds of business processes.

The AppExchange is also a great platform for business app developers who create apps through the Salesforce orgs and environments. Here, they can share their new apps, find fresh ideas for developing more apps, and obtain feedback from users who tried out their business apps.

What’s inside AppExchange?

There are hundreds of business applications that are up for grabs in the AppExchange. Most of the applications are paid ones. Free business apps are also available here. Some paid apps developers release free trial versions of their product to let users experience a bite first before delving into the whole paid versions.

App descriptions and reviews are also available on the AppExchange. These tools help users decide on which apps to download. Feedback from other app users is valuable, hence, the descriptions and reviews provide users a heads-up about the app they’re looking for.

Apart from apps, Salesforce AppExchange also has a community of more than 14 million Salesforce users. The AppExchange is also a place where valuable knowledge and Salesforce expertise can be gleaned.

Other Facts about the AppExchange

  • Users may utilize search filters on the interface to find free apps and look for apps that fit their needs.
  • It’s alright to download unlimited number of apps from the AppExchange.
  • Mobile apps are also ready for download here. If an app carries the Salesforce1 mobile sash, then it’s mobile-friendly.
  • Apps give users the option to make it available for all users or for admins only. This happens during the app installation process.
  • Users are advised to check compatibility and install the new app first to the Salesforce sandbox or Developer account. This is to ensure that the app works properly prior to installing it to the actual production org.

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