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What’s Internship in Salesforce

Salesforce is a massive company that’s always expanding. Since the company is a leading provider of CRM solutions and software, they’re constantly in need of fresh ideas from a diverse pool of talented people. That’s where internship in Salesforce leads to.

Internship in the Salesforce Company

Salesforce is open for internships to expand their company and provide valuable experience to those who will be accepted. Salesforce interns get the chance to work for one of the Top 10 Enterprise Software companies in the world.

Salesforce accepts interns in their business offices located at California, Chicago, and New York, respectively.

Requirements for Salesforce Internship

A candidate must possess the following general qualifications in order to get accepted as a Salesforce intern:

  • Should currently be in a college or university as a student
  • Graduates are also welcome to apply as long as they’re within 12 months from date of graduation
  • Must possess a degree or must be currently studying to finish a degree that the specific job title currently calls for (Economics, I.T., and Business degrees are commonly preferred)
  • Must have a great interest in sales and marketing
  • Should possess good communication skills
  • Must be willing to be a part of a team
  • Has initiative and displays skills in problem solving and solution finding
  • Knows how to organize and plan solutions related to the job applied for
  • Must have a keen eye for detail
  • Must be flexible and can work independently
  • Should adapt and fit well in a fast-paced working and learning environment

Internship Application Process

Interested students may apply for Salesforce internship by completing a form on the company website. They should then submit a resume with corresponding cover letter.

Campus recruiters can also be a student’s bridge in gaining an internship spot in Salesforce.

After the resume is received, Salesforce generally conducts an email assessment and/or phone interview with the prospective student intern. Then, he is scheduled for a personal interview. The entire interview process could take four to six weeks.

Why Intern for Salesforce?

As previously mentioned, Salesforce is a global industry leader in CRM solutions. Forbes also named the company as the World’s Most Innovative Company. Apart from that, organizations such as Glassdoor and Fortune have cited Salesforce among the Best Companies to Work for.

Salesforce also provides competitive salaries to its interns. The interns also get to work in a vibrant and fast-paced environment, where keeping themselves abreast with the latest technological trends is a way of life.

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