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What’s Krux in Salesforce

Krux is actually a company dedicated to capturing customer data from various online platforms in real-time. Krux is now officially acquired by Salesforce in 2016, and is now a part of the Salesforce ecosystem. This post will now tackle what Krux is and what it does within the Salesforce environment.

Krux as a Salesforce Element

Customer data management is what Krux is all about. As a new part of Salesforce, Krux continues the data management platform that they’ve conceptualized.

Salesforce Krux is now a modern tool used to capture customer data from all online sources possible. These customer data come from all sorts of devices and platforms. From there, valuable customer data is collected, inputted to a system, analyzed and activated in the proper channels. This process ensures that the data becomes instrumental in driving business productivity and makes the data available for use in establishing and strengthening customer relationships.

Krux as a Data Science-as-a-Service

Salesforce Krux utilizes a unique workbench where data analytics is performed. Krux becomes a Data Science as a Service; that is, Krux has the ability to take customer data, break it down for studying, and produce reports that tell the organization how best to use these data for igniting their business processes.

Businesses can greatly benefit from the results of data analysis and research in Salesforce Krux. With Krux’s help, they can innovate their products and make them even more customized to fit their customer’s unique needs, as reflected in the data collected by the systems.

Benefits of Salesforce Krux

Here is a quick rundown of what businesses can get by utilizing Salesforce Krux in their respective org environments:

  • Better marketing strategies based on customer-driven data and facts
  • A streamlined data collection and analysis approach
  • Gain more insights that will help in content, commerce and advertising efforts
  • Easier connection with customers via the Salesforce Krux DMP
  • Helps build better customer relationships through data analysis, researching, and reporting

Including the new Salesforce Krux DMP in an org could translate to better customer service, relationships, marketing and sales turnout for each business user.

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