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What’s Live Agent in Salesforce

Salesforce enables its users to engage in a chat service with their business customers. This is called the Live Agent feature. This post will tackle more about Live Agent in Salesforce.

What is Salesforce Live Agent?

Live Agent is a chat function that lets Salesforce business org users connect to their customers and prospective buyers instantly. The Salesforce users can chat away with their clients based on how the clients’ behavior within the business website. Live Agent allows users to engage in real-time chat conversations to help answer customer queries and come up with solutions for a better customer experience.

Features of Salesforce Live Agent

Salesforce Live Agent has a host of helpful features that can help create and establish excellent customer relationships with prospective and existing clients. These features can also help the agents answer customer queries with ease and professionalism.

  • Multi-language support lets users chat with any client from across the globe.
  • Customer profile connections during a live chat enable the chat agent to deliver personalized answers to customer queries.
  • Snap-ins feature lets customers chat even within the organization’s apps.
  • Live Agent connections with subject matter experts allow customers to be directed to people who can help them find practical solutions for their problems.
  • Pre-written messages and keyboard shortcuts are available for agents to use in answering generic customer inquiries.
  • Agent queue monitoring helps the administrator distribute equal chat workloads to his agents.
  • Private messages to coach agents in real-time whenever they have difficulty in attending to their customer’s concerns.
  • Performance monitoring lets admins view each agent’s performance logs and metrics.

Why Use Live Agent?

Businesses would like to ensure that their customers get the support that they look for. With the Live Agent feature on Salesforce Service Cloud, the business administrator can easily build and monitor a team of agents and subject matter experts who can go on stand-by 24/7 to attend to customer queries.

For a customer, there’s nothing like getting quick, valuable information about a product or service from a fellow human on the other line. Live Agent does just that – it connects the customer to a live customer representative, so that answers to immediate questions can easily be resolved. This further translates to higher customer satisfaction and better business opportunities.

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