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What’s Query Tool in Salesforce

Query is a special Salesforce tool that lets users execute SOQL. SOQL, on the other hand, is a language used specifically for managing Salesforce data. In this post, the definition of SOQL and queries will be explained.

What is SOQL?

To understand what a query is, SOQL must first be defined. SOQL stands for Salesforce Object Query Language. It is like the SELECT statement in the Structured Query Language (SQL). SOQL is a code used in looking for specific data within the organization’s Salesforce platform.

While SQL is commonly used, the SOQL statements are preferred for Salesforce data. However, SOQL may be limited. It cannot perform certain SQL SELECT advanced features.

Query Defined

A query is a string of statements that are used in searching for specific Salesforce values and data. The query utilizes the SOQL language. SOQL query strings can be used to define field lists, source objects, and data rows that need to be searched.

Where can SOQL Query Strings be Used?

These environments let users utilize SOQL Query Strings:

  • Visualforce controllers
  • IDE Schema Explorer
  • Statements using Apex codes

When is SOQL Query Used?

If the user is aware of what object the needed data resides in, he can use SOQL query strings to specifically locate that data. Also, he can utilize this tool for:

  • Searching for data within date, checkbox, or number fields
  • Looking for data from one object or from multiple related objects
  • Setting a criteria and determining the number of needed records that meet said criteria
  • Sorting out query results

How do SOQL Query Tool Work in Salesforce?

SOQL Query strings must follow certain syntax in order to perform their functions within the Salesforce platform. The query strings can be used to return data sets according to the filtering statements set on the syntax code.

SOQL query needs to be executed for it to return results. If the code syntax is correct, the query retrieves the results and lets the user decide what to do with it.

There might be times when a query tool returns plenty of results. Hence, the user receives the results in a first batch. To retrieve the next results, he can use a query identifier in another SOQL query string request.

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