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Why Salesforce Is Focusing More on the Asia-Pacific Region

Salesforce has been immensely popular and amazing in the Americas. The percentage of Salesforce’s revenues in the region has reached as high as 73% of their total income. So, if the company is this successful in the American regions, why are they now shifting their eyes to the Asia-Pacific region?

Expanding their Services to Other Horizons

The phenomenal growth of Salesforce’s successful CRM products have helped lots of businesses and customers in North America. Of course, since Salesforce is aimed at being a renowned international brand of CRM and Software-as-a-Service products, they’re looking to offer their valuable products to other nations and expand operations to other parts of the globe as well.

One such lucrative area is the Asia-Pacific region.

There are a number of factors why Salesforce is focusing their expansion in Asia-Pacific countries:

  • The developing economies of most countries in the Asia-Pacific grow at a steadily fast rate. To date, Asia-Pacific markets grow at a rate of around 22%, while China’s economy grows at approximately 19% annually.
  • Salesforce’s products and systems can help accelerate the profitable and promising businesses of people living in the Asia-Pacific region. What the Americas can achieve in terms of business engagements and growth, Asians can certainly do, too.
  • Demands for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is already increasing in Asia today. Forecasts for SaaS sales in Asia, specifically in Japan, China, India, and the ASEAN countries, are moving upwards, reaching an increase of around 15% by the year 2020. Also, more and more Asians have access to technology, and business operations are looking for ways to improve their digital processes as well. Cloud computing technology is becoming prevalent, so Salesforce can tap very well into this new Asian need.

Salesforce has already started expansion to the region by launching a data center in Singapore way back in 2009. The company also started to set up operations in Japan.

Will Salesforce Experience a Sudden Boom in Asia?

Honestly speaking, Salesforce hasn’t seen a robust growth in their revenues in Asia-Pacific yet. But the hopes are still there. The region is teeming with technological promise. Hence, what the company expects is a slow yet steady and remarkable growth in the region.

To sum it up, Salesforce is shifting its gears and trying to focus its marketing strategies to the promising lands in the Asia-Pacific region. Technology has grown so much in the area, and Salesforce hopes to tap into the Asian markets not just to experience a boost in their revenues, but also to extend its help to Asian businesses and keep the amazing technology of simplifies and automated business solutions alive.

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