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Why Salesforce Is the #1 CRM Today

You can’t make a business grow without generating leads and converting them to sales. For the many successful ones, the secret lies in their use of CRM software. The tool allows for a faster and easier way of closing sales for businesses.

And in the world of CRM software builders, Salesforce has proven itself to be the force to beat. Why is it winning the war and has easily contributed about 16% of the overall CRM market share in 2013? Figuring that out is a piece of cake.

They were in the cloud business first

It was never a mistake for the company to launch cloud – not as anything else. They were born as an internet application. It was not probably like that they really planned to start that way.

What we’ve heard straight from the horse’s mouth is that they just wanted to be able to reach a wider audience and that the only means to do that is launching online. It was by necessity rather than by design.

Other CRMs came two or three years later, but by that time, Salesforce already had a significant clout and a good deal of experience.

The platform is just super easy to use

Salesforce is a CRM that utilizes a multitenant platform and that helps customers a lot. Owing to this feature, organizations using the integrated platform have the liberty of extending the Salesforce app with just a point and a click.

In a similar way, administrators hailed Salesforce’s ease of customization. Administrators now don’t have to call in expert developers just to have a field or an entity added. They were the first to adopt the system on their own, and were also the first teachers of the Salesforce system in their own organizations.

They are specialists in terms of expanding their influence

The people behind Salesforce are the greatest social networkers on the planet. They were seen increasing their base by providing free service to non-profit orgs. That’s how one can make a critical user or administrator base.

In another marketing campaign, they invite stakeholders and anybody who is interested to their yearly brand building event – the Dreamforce event. The annual meeting attracts hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world.

And they chose not to ignore individual software vendors. The trick is to make these entities loyal partners. In the end, these were also the ones who helped create the more recent Salesforce apps that further developed the CRM to its current shape.

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