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Why Use Salesforce for Healthcare

The entire healthcare industry is taking a modernized spin today. Electronic Health Records that are used to facilitate patient data in hospitals and other care settings are gradually being replaced by modern CRM tools, such as Salesforce Healthcare CRM.

Why are healthcare providers and hospital owners encouraged to use Salesforce programs for Healthcare?

Redefining the Patient Care Experience

Salesforce Healthcare CRM is a new tool created to help redefine the way people experience healthcare.

Documentation is an essential part of the healthcare process. Without documentation, staff and doctors could not come up with a holistic plan of care for their patients. You cannot monitor the prognosis of their disease. You cannot determine the compliance of the patient to his treatment plan.

Traditional healthcare data management systems like Electronic Health Records put so much burden on the healthcare providers using it, like doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. They spend so much time entering patient’s data to these records that they essentially lose moments of their time actually spent on caring for the sick patient.

Salesforce Healthcare CRM takes out this documentation burden by providing simpler solutions to patient data management and analysis. The CRM redefines the patient care process by freeing up more time for healthcare staff to look after their patients physically, without compromising the documentation of care they provided.

Other Important Benefits of Salesforce Healthcare CRM

Aside from delivering better focus to patient care, other benefits of the Salesforce Healthcare CRM include the following:

  • Provides a platform for doctors, nurses, medical technologists, pharmacists, and other health care team members to collaborate in creating treatment plans for patients.
  • Allows healthcare practitioners to monitor compliance to the treatment plan, and allows them to make reminders to their patients as well as to themselves.
  • Has features that enable the patients to connect to their healthcare providers, ensuring that their health is looked after even upon discharge from the healthcare facility.
  • Helps healthcare providers view the patients holistically in all healthcare aspects possible.
  • Accurate data management helps prevent errors in patient care such as in medication dosing.
  • Gives healthcare providers the ability to retrieve and review pertinent patient history in a few clicks, especially when a long-lost patient comes back in and cannot specifically remember past health details.

In summary, Salesforce’s new Healthcare CRM empowers both patients and healthcare providers to put health at the center of everything. That’s why many facilities, such as the Mount Sinai Health System, have already tapped into Salesforce to make healthcare truly achievable for patients.

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