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How It Works Canvas in Salesforce Canvas is a Salesforce feature available on the Developer Edition. It helps app developers integrate their third-party applications to the platform. Canvas connects both existing and new applications to the Salesforce platform and makes them available to an organization’s network. This feature provides tools to seamlessly integrate apps to the platform.

What does Canvas Do?

External applications can be joined together on the Salesforce platform by using Canvas. Developers need not worry about redesigning and reintegrating their apps from scratch. With Canvas, developers may do the following:

  • Implement simple authentication controls
  • Freely develop codes in a programming language they prefer to use
  • Retrieve context information about the app environment through API support
  • Enable sending and receiving events between canvas apps through JavaScript
  • Resize the canvas applications
  • Cross-domain XHR and JavaScript support

Why Is Canvas Important?

Programmers and their partner users who build cloud apps may integrate these apps to Salesforce to enhance their end-user’s experiences. Meanwhile, large organizations running several scattered apps utilize Canvas to collate these apps in one place. Their members can then access the apps and complete tasks within a single Salesforce workplace.

The Canvas App Process

Here are the steps to create the canvas app within Salesforce:

  1. Go to Setup. Locate the Quick Find box and enter Apps. Select Apps from the menu.
  2. Select New from the Connected Apps list.
  3. Enter third-party app name in the Connected App Name.
  4. The default API name of the app appears, accept it.
  5. Enter email address in the Contact Email field.
  6. Enter the address for the preferred logo mage in the Logo Image URL field.
  7. Enter the address for the icon image in the Icon URL field.
  8. Choose whether to enable OAuth settings in the API section.
  9. Select Canvas in the Canvas App Settings Section.
  10. Go to Canvas App URL field and enter desired URL.
  11. Locate the Access Method Field and choose Signed Request (Post).
  12. Choose Chatter Tab in the Locations field.
  13. Click Save.

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