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How It Works Chatter Influence in Salesforce

Chatter is a type of enterprise social network created by Salesforce. It is designed to connect employees within a single business entity. Chatter enables employees to share data, collaborate on projects, work on files, and seek expertise from one another. Knowledge, productivity and innovation come together in Chatter, as the company communication barriers are broken down and employees freely connect and help one another.

What’s in Chatter?

In Chatter, employees may invite their co-employees within and even outside the Salesforce organization. They can share ideas, build files, view pertinent business data, and contribute to the company’s overall operations. They can communicate through Chatter Messenger, view feeds, bookmark posts by other users, and mention users in comments.

What Is Chatter Influence?

Chatter Influence is a new addition to the social network’s features. Influence shows which users contribute the most to collaborations for the organization’s benefit. This feature shows certain Chatter activity statistics, such as the following:

  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Likes and comments received for posts

How to use Chatter Influence

Users log-in to their Chatter app accounts and navigate to their respective profile pages. To the left of the page is a bar that indicates the user’s influence level. This bar is called Chatter Influence Indicator. In this indicator, a user can see three divisions:

  • The number of posts and comments he has created
  • The number of comments he received
  • The number of likes he received

As the user’s statistics rise, so do the numbers in the Influence Indicator. The bar also fills up simultaneously as the count increases. Visitors who have access to Salesforce and Chatter will see the Chatter Influence Indicator bar every time they check their co-employee’s page.

How Chatter Influence Looks Like for Chatter Free Users and External Users

Org members who have access to Chatter can invite co-employees who don’t have Salesforce access to Chatter. However, these so-called Free Users and External Users have limited access to business data and are not entitled to have Chatter Influence data. Whenever they view a user’s profile page, they won’t see the usual Chatter Influence Indicator Bar.

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