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How It Works Process Builder in Salesforce

Automating basic business processes is done by using the Salesforce tool known as Process Builder. Tools are available to detect automatically recorded changes and respond accordingly to each change. It also provides a graphic presentation of the automated processes.

Elements of the Process Builder

An automated process in the Salesforce Process Builder contains two key elements:

  • Criteria – this is a user-defined set of rules used to know when to execute a group action.
  • Actions – these are events triggered by the criteria. It could either be Immediate or Scheduled, depending on user preferences.

Changes in the records that make them match to corresponding criteria automatically trigger set actions to fire.

Learning the Process Builder User Interface

Launch Process Builder by following these steps:

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Locate the Quick Find box.
  3. Enter Process Builder, then select Process Builder from the menu.
  4. Click New and type the desired process name.
  5. Click on Next. A new interface will appear. This is where automating processes take place.

Here are the elements of the User Interface:

  • Button Bar – This is a white bar on the upper portion of the interface. It is used to open the process management page, view and edit process properties, start and/or stop current processes, and make inactive copies of active processes.
  • Canvas – This is a process’s main workplace. Options are available for defining conditions for evaluating records and adding criteria nodes.

Creating a New Automated Process

  1. Open the Process Builder User Interface by following the steps above. Then, follow these steps:
  2. Enter a brief description of the process to be created.
  3. Enable this process to fire when a record changes specifically, and click Save.
  4. Click on Add Object. Select object type and specify when to start the process. Click Save.
  5. Click on Add Criteria; enter desired criteria name.
  6. Choose from the three criteria and tick the radio button:
    • Conditions are met
    • Formula evaluates to be true
    • No criteria-just execute the actions!
  7. Set the conditions.
  8. Tick the Advanced portion, and select Yes to have Process Builder ignore insignificant record changes. Click Save.

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